Tools for Getting Organized

Tools for Getting Organized


If you just need help with scheduling, Calendly is a great choice to schedule meetings because you have a unique link that allows people to book you during your available times.

Google Calendar

My entire life is housed in my Google calendar. I use it as both a daily schedule for all of my meetings and commitments, but also as a to-do list. For me, the color coding feature singlehandedly keeps me organized.

Google Docs and Drive

Google Docs and Google Drive are a bit like the Microsoft Office Suite meets the Cloud….it lets you create, keep, and categorize all the things: documents, surveys, spreadsheets, presentations, photos, whatever. It’s my digital home because it automatically saves things, so I don’t have to worry about losing my stuff or constantly backing up my data.


My Evernote is comical at this point with the sheer number of lists I keep to keep life running smoothly. It’s basically a place to jot down any digital information you need and keep track of it in little e-notebooks or e-stacks. Plus, the tagging and search feature makes finding your notes simple.


This is a really pretty, really customizable project management app that functions as a virtual pin board. It’s similar to Asana in its ability to keep up with tons of information, and it has great integrations for teams that remind me of a Slack chat. What makes Trello different is that it’s a visual tool. Tasks are housed in a virtual pin board setting, and you can drag and drop things to create a repeating workflow or to do list. It works really well with systems or repeating tasks that you do on a weekly or monthly basis.

The LiveWell Planner

Okay. I don’t care how many tech-y tools I have, I still crave a good, old-fashioned paper planner to keep track of not only my business tasks and to-dos, but my life in general. As a planner junkie who regularly tests alllll the planners, the products from InkWell Press continue to be my favorite, both for sheer productivity and for the way they get to the heart of what’s under productivity: your WHY. Plus all, the options are incredibly customizable depending on your personal planning style. Highly, highly recommend.