5 Easy Ways To Grow Your Email List

5 Easy Ways To Grow Your Email List

So glad you’re here and reading this. The simple fact that this is in your hands (or on your screen) tells me that you’re a pretty smart entrepreneur. Why? Because you see that growing an email list is important… trust me, so many people don’t even understand just how important this is.

Use this simple guide to walk you through a few ways you can grow your list easily (with some pro tips that you can apply today!) The fact is, growing an email list isn’t as hard or as scary as you’re likely making it out to be! Use these tips, let them work for you and your business.

#1 Have a simple opt in form that your traffic will see: 

This can be as simple as having an opt-in option on your website or even in your email signature so your clients and customers can “opt-in” to your updates! You want to make sure that your opt-in isn’t buried in a sidebar or at the bottom of your posts, don’t be afraid to get a little bold with it! 

(Examples of opt-in options: Header on your website, pop up on your website, in an email signature, the URL in your Instagram account, an invitation on Facebook, a giveaway, an exit pop up on your site.) 

#2 Run a contest to get people who are interested to enter: 

Contests can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to grow your email list (especially when you make sure the product will appeal to those who will be your ideal customers!) Whether you do a gift card or an industry-specific giveaway, something as simple as a $15 mug has grown my list by hundreds where a bigger giveaway has grown it even more! 

Yes, there might be cost involved, BUT collecting the right leads intentionally should drive more profits to your business and will grow you the right following (and quickly!) 

Pro Tip: When you run a content, create a specific opt-in for that contest so you have that segment of your audience separated! You’ll want to do this so you can see who is interested in what! You also can make your opt-in link “prettier” by using services like bit.ly and creating a unique URL that will convert people easier! 

#3 Creating a Freebie, a Download, or a Guide: 

Create something of value that your ideal audience will be interested in getting their hands on and capture their name and email before you deliver it! Giving free, valuable content is the #1 way I grow my email list and it also helps us see what the market is most interested in and where our audience needs help solving a problem! 

Your downloads need not be super pretty, professionally designed, or overthought. You just need to deliver value, good content, and do it in a clear way. My biggest goal is that people take what I give them and put them to work (then they see results and are raving fans!) This guide here took me 20 minutes to make, so don’t overthink it! 

#4 Run an Ad Campaign to a Freebie or Coupon: 

Facebook ads are a powerful, powerful place to spend your marketing dollars (if you do it right!) You always want to create an ad with the goal of actually “converting” people whether that’s to an actual sale or in giving you their email address. If you create an opt-in that people love, then create a Facebook ad around that opt-in and track your cost per conversion. 

#5 Provide a Reason to Opt In Immediately 

How many times have you been online shopping and the second you hop onto the website, there’s a pop up asking you if you want 10% or 20% or even 30% off or free shipping or something else that sounds so shiny and enticing that you just insert your email without reading the fine print or thinking about what you’re exchanging? Yeah, we’ve all done that… 

1.) You reach the client when they first land on your webpage (with the hopes they showed up for a specific reason!) 

2.) You’re giving them a value ad or a discount or something to make them not think twice about trading their email address for your offer. 

3.) When they are signing up to get that offer, they are usually being added to your email list for future communications/sales/offers! 

People want to get the best price, the best deal, and the biggest discounts so if you do opt for this sort of strategy (specifically if you run an online shop!) then just be sure that you continue to deliver promotions to the people who “opt in” because they likely will seek out other deals and codes from your site! The “one and done” doesn’t exactly work great here! 

There you have it! Not too scary, am I right? The important thing is: to start simple, keep it easy, then get more complex later. Once you nail down one avenue of growing your email list, explore another, and another. The powerful list building strategies are the ones where there are many opportunities for new leads to opt in!